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Writer specializing in women's issues with editorial and content marketing experience and bylines in The Washington Post, The Village Voice, Vice, Salon, Cosmo, Glamour, Elle, Marie Claire, and more.

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Suzannah weiss 1453816813 article

Suzannah Weiss | Broadly

Suzannah Weiss on Broadly...

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CocoRosie’s Bianca Casady Talks Ecofeminism and Her New Anti-Pop Solo Project | NOISEY

"The oppression and abuse toward the female body is similar to how the Earth has been treated and sold and exploited and disregarded."...

Noisey og article

Noisey | Music by VICE

... the female body is similar to how the Earth has been treated and sold and exploited and disregarded." Full Story. Jan 25 2016 Suzannah Weiss Features ......

Revolar jacqueline ros wearable device rape culture 1458224701 article

Preventing Rape with the Push of a Button | Broadly

After Jacqueline Ros's sister was raped, she created Revolar, a small wearable device that sends customizable alerts to your friends or family when you feel in danger—or just uneasy....

The photographer fighting body positivity 1455735568 article

The Photographer Fighting Against 'Body Positivity' | Broadly

Tired of photographing subjects who are supposed to feel sexualized or empowered by nudity, Anastasia Kuba wants to capture the ambivalence, anxiety, and discomfort we feel about our bodies instead....

Bearded lady little bear schwarz 1453766514 article

​Bearded Lady Little Bear Schwarz Makes Facial Hair 'Intensely Feminine' | Broadly

We talked to the opera singer and performer about coming to terms with her hair and how she realized it could be gender neutral....

Bradata devojka litl ber svarc cini bradu izrazito zenstvenom 1455018046 article

​Bradata devojka Litl Ber Švarc čini bradu „izrazito ženstvenom“ | VICE | Srbija

Razgovarali smo sa ovom operskom pevačicom i performerkom da bi saznali kako se izborila sa maljavošću i rodno neutralnim identitetom....

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Kultura | VICE | Srbija

Kultura{tag} VICE's je online kuća za fenomene, istraživačko novinarstvo, reportaže i dokumentarne filmove....

Og image article

Stuff | VICE | Greece

Stuff ερευνητική δημοσιογραφία και καθηλωτικά ντοκιμαντέρ από το online αρχείο του VICE....

Bearded lady little bear schwarz 1453998067 article

Η Τραγουδίστρια της Όπερας και η «Θηλυκή» Τριχοφυΐα του Προσώπου της | VICE | Greece

Μιλήσαμε με τη Little Bear Schwarz, για το πώς συμβιβάστηκε με την τριχοφυΐα της και πώς συνειδητοποίησε ότι μπορεί να είναι ουδέτερη από πλευράς φύλου....