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The 5 Covert Sexists You Meet Online

Mr. Nice Guy is not an escape from the douchebags; he’s one of them....

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How To Get Through Your Quarter-Life Crisis

Now, a hypothetical career "path" might look like this: study philosophy, become a consultant, start a business, sell it, go to law school, clerk for a judge, work for a law firm, and work for a no......

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You over there, with your index finger hovering over the “send” button: Before you proceed any further, please note that your next text will make or break this relationship....

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She’s Just Not That Into You: The Book That Should Have Been Written

Don’t want. Don’t act. Sit there and look pretty so that a man will make the first move. “You’ve got to get him to say hello.” Field advances; don’t make them. Be the gatekeeper, not the one walkin......

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10 Brown Alums Share Their Memories Of Studying Alongside Emma Watson

I then realize he was not walking alone ... and I see a terrified and confused Emma Watson....

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12 Surefire Signs You Live In San Francisco

You feel peer pressure to have a startup idea....

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8 Awkward Things Nobody Acknowledges About Having A Vagina

Vaginal sweating. Yes, it’s a thing. No, I’m not going to describe it to you....

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5 Signs You Have A Foot Out The Door Of Your Relationship

Have you ever heard anyone say, “There were red flags, but I wish I had given him/her a chance anyway?” In my experience, people only regret overlooking red flags. They don’t regret heeding them – ......

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10 Lessons Climbers Understand About Success

When it seems like you’re out of options, just take one more step....

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26 Chilled Out Songs To Make Your Monday Suck Less

Monday, fun day? No. Nobody says that....

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15 Hilarious Vines That Will Make You Actually LOL

Oh, Vine... the funniest videos you will ever find, but that you never, ever intended to see....

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We Made 19 Hilarious, Bizzare, And Disturbing MyIdols From Game Of Thrones Characters

MyIdol is taking the app world by storm, so we did what any website would do — use it to put our favorite Game of Thrones characters in compromising and weird situations....

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3 Hilarious Videos For The Anxious And Alone On Valentine's Day

Chris Hudspeth reminds everyone how there is nothing wrong with shunning human contact this V-day....

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12 Unusual Ways To Kill Zombies

1. Use your record collection. 2. The lid of the toilet tank. 3. If you're good at golf, you can take them out from a distance. 4. Kitchen appliances are cool, but not always reliable. 5. Fly throu......

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This Is What Happens When You Send Harvard Your Mixtape Along With Your Application

This fake rejection letter is the funniest thing ever....