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Writer specializing in women's issues with editorial and content marketing experience and bylines in The Washington Post, The Village Voice, Vice, Salon, Cosmo, Glamour, Elle, Marie Claire, and more.

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Seventeen Magazine

I Was 13 When My Dad Put Me on My First Diet

A raging eating disorder followed soon after....

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Seventeen Magazine

Stop Telling Me I Have to Love My Body

Seriously, people — once I granted myself permission not to, my self-esteem skyrocketed.​​...

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Seventeen Magazine

I Was 17 When My Boyfriend Sold Me for Sex

I went from being abused and hopeless to crafting a law to protect other child sex trafficking victims. This is my story, the story of Rachel's Law....

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Seventeen Magazine

Columbia Student Accused of Rape Finally Speaks Out

And his quotes aren't helping matters....