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suzannah weiss: Contributors: glamour.com

suzannah weiss: Contributors: glamour.com

Power couple main article

What Your Facebook Status Says About Your Relationship

Should you make your relationship Facebook-official? It’s an age-old question (or at least a decade-old question). While many of us swore off relationship statuses altogether after the first time we had to broadcast a broken......

Laugh together main article

Want a Happier Relationship? Do This One Thing Together Every Day

Want to know one simple way to make your relationship stronger? Of course you do. It might sound obvious, but according to a study published last week in Personal Relationships, couples who laugh together stay......

Tokyo main article

Watch Real Couples Kiss All Over the World

In this adorable new video, “Kissing Around the World,” filmmakers capture real couples from all over smooching against the backdrops of some gorgeous cityscapes (and some pretty countrysides too!). Since some cultures are more down......


Relationships: free relationship advice, dating: Glamour.com

Get free relationship advice from experts on Glamour.com. Plus, learn how to make your relationship better from single women and couples who've been there....


kissing: Latest

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Say in bed main article

The "I Can't Keep It Up With a Condom On" Excuse Is Officially Busted

If your man has been complaining that condoms make it difficult for him to stay hard during sex, you may want to show him this. According to a recent study of 479 men ages 18......

Text ex main article

The Dos and Don'ts of Texting Your Ex

Days, months, or even years after breaking up, most former couples face another dreaded decision: whether or not to get back in touch. While some women feel that cutting all communication is the way to......

Blue moon main article

Romantic Date Idea: Go See the Blue Moon Tonight

It's not exactly clear why looking at the sunset, stars, moon, or sky with a special someone is romantic, but it just is. (If further evidence is needed, allow us to present this memorable scene......

Relationship milestones main article

16 Little Relationship Milestones That Deserve a Celebration

You already celebrate the big things, such as the day you became official or the day you moved in together. But the truth is, there are tons of tiny relationship milestones that deserve a little......

Super like 2 main article

Meet Super Like, Tinder's Newest Feature

Now there's a whole new movement for your thumb to master. This week, Tinder introduced a new feature: Super Like. By swiping up on a user, you'll not only "Like" him or her, but also......

Couple beach main article

How to Make Your Summer Fling Last

Sandy and Danny aren't the only crazy kids who found love in the summer. The warm temperatures, beach days, and long weekends set the scene for romance every year, and perhaps you're one of the......

Sarah mexico main article

My Year of Online Dating: A Postmortem

Shortly after my marriage fell apart and in those bleak days after my husband had packed up his belongings and moved to a new house, Natalie, one of my best friends, insisted that I sign......

Bite lip 1 main article

Real Sex Habits of Happy Couples: Meet Emma and Marc

Emma, 31 and Marc, 39 were set up by mutual friends a little over a year ago. The two met for their first date at a tapas bar, and they've been happily paired up ever......